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In the era of Web 4.0 and Digital Marketing, competitiveness, globalization and development capabilities come together. These factors determine more than ever, and increasingly so, the different performance of all market participants.

Communication with customers via the digital channels of the Internet is becoming more and more important, and this influence is already decisive for the market in all sectors. Both for sales and for further product development, the possibilities offered by digital marketing are endless and, one can hardly imagine, will have an even more important and decisive impact on market development.

In recent years, the number, and above all, the quality of the tools available has advanced considerably. It is more important than ever to make use of them to develop the necessary strategies, refine plans and recognize trends at an early stage.
Because only on the basis of this knowledge will you find significant new business opportunities and have a high presence with digital marketing.

Understanding how to combine digital marketing tools and strategies is ultimately essential to better understand our customers’ needs and, above all, to approach the new digital way of dealing with customers. This is the only way we will continue to generate revenue to remain competitive.

Learn the basic methodology: how digital marketing tools work, how their algorithms work and how we can present our products more effectively. In addition, we give you an overview of the different business models, digital marketing opportunities and strengths, costs and long-term impact.

Some of these digital marketing techniques have little to do with what we studied at universities and colleges in the field of marketing, advertising and sales just a few years ago. We speak from experience.

These sometimes serious differences need to be recognized and corrected as soon as possible. The way to sell, develop and remain competitive today and tomorrow has changed fundamentally.




Weekly class


Selection of measures
and implementation

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Study Objectives


At the end of the course – Digital Marketing – you will be able to


  • Learn the possibilities and opportunities and discover the current systems of digital marketing ✓
  • Learn and apply the right marketing strategies using the perfect digital tools ✓
  • Understanding how search engines work and using knowledge of algorithms to achieve short- and long-term marketing goals ✓
  • Applying the right digital systems and channels for your business. It’s important to keep in mind that not everything you learn in the process is actually useful for your product. But learn which ones are good for you ✓

Who is the Digital Marketing course for?


The digital marketing course is very multifaceted and is therefore aimed at an unusually broad group:


  • Managers and directors who work in traditional sales and marketing and need innovative digital marketing tools to complete their overall strategy ✓
  • Marketing professionals, sales managers, sales engineers, etc. ✓
  • Students and freelancers who want to get partially or fully into this topic ✓
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Course Plan


The course topics are divided as follows, but will focus on our customer’s needs.

In total we cover 3 blocks:


1. Inventory and analysis with your Marketing-Mix

  • Digital strategy: Which media are up to date and how important is it?
  • Which media to check and how to proceed
  • Which media should be added and which should be replaced
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing.
  • Outline of the plan and Storytelling – Case Study


2. Marketing and search

Search engine marketing and keyword research

  • SEO | SEM | ADS
  • Improve SEO
  • Create successful ads
  • SEO for the search engine and SEO for the potential customer
  • Case study


3. Skill & Tools : Skills and Tools

Get to know the most important tools for

  • Quickly analyze data, results and keywords
  • Stabilize and steadily improve your SEO positioning over the long term
  • Tool categories:
    • Analysis
    • OnPage
    • Keyword
    • Content
    • Backlink
    • Ranking – Positioning
    • Technique
    • Loading time
    • Domain




Weekly class


Selection of measures
and implementation

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Alexander Traub

  • SEO Specialist
  • Programmer in html, css – experience of more than 20 years
  • CMS specialist : more than 50 different plugin integration modules (payment systems, course management, e-commerce, blog, E-mail-Marketing marketing, SEO analysis, e-book sales, video channels, digital products,…)
  • Experience in projects in a wide variety of fields : Real Estate, Construction, Digital Marketing, Wellness and Wellness products and consultancy, training, clubs, lawyers, restaurants, education, consulting, public transport,…
  • Many years of experience in projects in the field of digital marketing and sales | social media.
  • Completed studies in business administration (marketing) and programming in Germany


More than 20 years of experience in web programming, CMS integration, SEO optimization, social media, digital sales.

Customers in North America, South America and Europe.


SEO professional:
More than 200 trainings and workshops per year


E-mail: info@seoperfil.com



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