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Do you want to know how to create high converting and therefore successful sales funnels and effectively sell your products online through sales pages?

This course is for all those people who have not created sales funnels before and need a solid introduction to the subject.

At the beginning of the course, we will talk about the definition and structure of sales funnels, called sales funnels.

Successful selling only works if we know two things very well:

  • Our target audience (and especially the one that really needs and also has money).
  • Our product or service, in the language of our customers.

I’m going to give you a 5-step formula that you can use for any audience analysis. After this module, you will have developed and tested a clearly defined audience for your product.


Sales Funnel
Digital sales


Weekly class
90 minutes


With practical examples
Product priority

Study Objectives


At the end of the course – Google My Business Marketing – you will be able to


  • All about the success of the sales chain, structure and sales channels ✓.
  • Recognize your true target audience (among the many others that don’t make money) ✓
  • Learn all about your product (which benefits really bring in money and which don’t) ✓
  • Choosing and using a successful email marketing system ✓
  • Must-have promotional points on the landing page, thank you page, etc. ✓
  • How to match your offer to your target audience on Instagram ✓
    Difference full vendor and in-house SalesFunnel publisher ✓

Who is the Google My Business course for?


The Sales Funnel course is very multifaceted and is therefore intended for an unusually broad group:


  • Managers and directors who work in traditional sales and marketing and need innovative digital marketing tools to complete their overall strategy ✓
  • Marketing professionals, sales managers, sales engineers, etc. ✓
    Students and freelancers who want to get partially or fully into this topic – new way of marketing ✓
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who need and want to project their work on a digital level professionally ✓
  • Founders who want to make money with their products on the Internet ✓
  • Anyone who has wanted to know what sales funnels are, how they work and how to create them ✓
Not the right topic for you or are you looking for another course?

Course Plan


Many have a great product, a lot of followers and also a nice website. And sell nothing. Learn how to plan, create and improve sales funnels – This is a process of constant correction and improvement. Avoid the most common mistakes and get started with your business.

In total we cover 7 blocks:


1. Introduction to the sales funnel

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • How do you build one?
  • Things to know before creating a sales funnel


2. Target group: how to define your target group

  • What is a target group and how do you create it? Now here are my tips for you to create your target audience.


3. Traffic: How to get your customers to your sales page quickly

  • How do I get customers to my sales page?
  • What are the types of traffic? In this video we will discuss these two questions.


4. Sales Funnel in 2021

What do sales funnels look like today? What does TOTF? MOTF? BOTF? In this video we will clarify these questions.


5. TOTF: How to master TOTF

How to master TOTF? Let’s take a look at some strategies that can make this a little easier.


6. Simple sales funnel – How to create a simple sales funnel!

Optimized by topic (real estate, webinars, digital products, etc.).


7. Avoid the main mistakes

You want to sell directly without a system (Marekting by email, payment systems, Landing Pages,…)
Sending scripts by email: You don’t have effective emailing scripts.
Full system testing
No call to action buttons
Weak or non-existent headlines and texts
No urgency or scarcity
No target audience
No product mismatch (always among the Top3)


    Sales Funnel
    Digital sales


    Weekly class
    90 minutes


    With practical examples
    Product priority



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