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The crucial content (your content) must always come from the expert and not from the contracted agency. Your customer will thank you for it.


Own content and reports reinforce the confidence of potential customers in your products or services.

However, these visitors, who are attentive to your information, quickly find out if they have hired an agency for it. Why? You are the experts of your service, not the agency.

Only those who create their own content are really successful. The customer visibly feels it and has full confidence in you. If the content comes from outside, it often looks like advertising.

Think of the many Instagram accounts, especially from real estate and consumer product providers. They repeat, they don’t really offer anything new. The customer wonders why they should come to you for information. No trust, no sales. Pretty simple, right?

  • Analysis: What areas could and should they do for themselves in the future for competitive reasons? What capabilities do they have today and what capabilities should they plan for the future? Which channels offer this reach, specifically in their case?
  • Goal: Significantly increase their reach and thus sales in the medium term. By creating and using certain – not all – content.
  • Learn special techniques for professional content creation in a short time. Both during training and later in practice.

Take responsibility for individual areas of information production for your customers. Increase your time budget step by step and go the digital way more professionally in the future. If you don’t, your competitors will do it without you. I’m sure they will.


  • Solution-Oriented 70% 70%
  • Implementation Barrier 90% 90%
  • Costs 50% 50%
  • Emotional 70% 70%
  • Informative 90% 90%
  • Customer Confidence 90% 90%
  • Relevance 80% 80%
  • Efficiency 70% 70%