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Social Media (Social Networks) and Instagram Marketing is a growing trend nowadays, and Instagram stands out among them, the competition is becoming more and more demanding and to create real visibility and constant positioning is necessary to scale to professional levels, you can take your online presence further when you explore topics such as Instagram Marketing, growing your brand and attracting your ideal followers (Target Audience). Whether you want to grow your personal brand on Instagram or use social media to market or digitize your business, you’ll learn for every type of business and case with creative professionals with vast experience in a variety of projects. As you learn more about Instagram, you will explore how to improve your skills and how to use your Instagram content to increase your visibility, positioning, interactions and followers.

Increasing competition in business digitally makes it paramount for each and every organization and individual to connect with their audience in the most effective way by professionally understanding the psychology of digital media such as Instagram through which they can achieve this. This is fundamental not only for survival in the marketplace, but also to guide the commerce and economics of your business successfully. However, the question here is “How to do it?”. Instagram and its Instagram Marketing is one of the greatest social media platforms to achieve that success, independence and positioning that is desired (and still possible) in the market. Currently, more than 70% of the top brands around the world use Instagram for marketing, and the following will continue to grow, as there is still plenty of available market waiting for the most competent ones.

You will definitely learn how to run Instagram Marketing in a professional way, and above all, how to stand out from your competition and millions of other accounts on Instagram. Being able to produce authority and be identified as a leader in your market segment, growing your reach to be visible to your target audience and succeed with more followers, growing your audience, without the help of shortcuts, bots, or pods, finally increasing your engagement (Interactions), all from the Professional Content created for your Posts, Stories, Reels and other media.


Ranking Instagram


Weekly class


Better Ranking
with Instagram

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Study Objectives


At the end of the course – Instagram Marketing – you will be able to.


  • Learn and understand the functioning and psychology of
  • Instagram and its algorithm✓.
  • Know the methodology to position and highlight your brand, person or business on Instagram ✓
  • Get the right skills to potentially gain new followers and interactions towards your Instagram ✓
  • Understand how Instagram search engines work along with their variables and use knowledge of algorithms to achieve short and long-term marketing goals ✓
  • Knowledge of of of the tools and formats that the platform has, and achieve regarding it analyze and define the most suitable ones for your business, market and target audience ✓
  • Discover and apply all the appropriate strategies for positioning, adequate visibility for the business in which you work ✓
  • Achieve adequate advertising and gain from it new potential clients, interested public and followers ✓

Who is the Instagram Marketing course for?


The Instragram Marketing course is very multifaceted and is therefore intended for an unusually broad group:


  • Managers and directors who work in traditional sales and marketing and need innovative digital marketing tools to complete their overall strategy ✓
  • Marketing professionals, sales managers, sales engineers, etc. ✓
    Students who want to get partially or fully into this topic ✓
  • Business owners who need to digitize their business in this area ✓
    Independents who want to get partially or totally into this topic ✓
  • Entrepreneurs who want to project their business(es) professionally in the field of “Social Media” and other digital media ✓
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Course Plan


The topics of the Instagram Marketing course are divided as follows, but will focus on our client’s needs.

In total we cover 3 blocks:


1. Functioning/Dynamics of Instagram and its algorithm

  • Key basics of Instagram
  • What points to review and how to proceed
  • Key strategies
  • Algorithm fundamentals
  • Planning and systematization


2. Analysis and Field Study

  • Current situation survey
  • Detailed analysis of target audience and followers
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Applicability study
  • Definition of Content and Formats
  • Count and Implementation
  • Complementary Relevance


3. Proceeding and Professional Development of Instagram

  • Content Formats
  • Content Development
  • SEO | Ads (advertising) on Instagram
  • Improving SEO
  • Creating Successful Ads
  • Interactions and Followers


Ranking Instagram


Weekly class


Better Ranking
with Instagram

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Sebastián Ramírez

  • SEO Specialist
  • Programmer in html, css – experience of more than 5 years
  • CMS specialist – more than 50 different plugin integration modules (payment systems, course management, e-commerce, blog, E-mail-Marketing marketing, SEO analysis, e-books)
  • Project experience in a wide variety of fields | Real Estate, Construction, Digital Marketing, Wellness and Wellness products and consulting, training, clubs, lawyers, restaurants, education, consulting
  • Many years of experience in projects in the field of digital marketing and sales | Social Media
  • International Business studies in Colombia + Germany


More than 20 years of experience in web programming, CMS integration, SEO optimization, social media, digital sales.

Customers in North America, South America and Europe.


SEO professional:
More than 200 trainings and workshops per year


E-mail: info@seoperfil.com



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