Website Creation



Learn everything you need to know about website creation.

The future will be totally digitized. Independent creation saves you a lot of time and, above all, money.

Manage your business with multiple domains and a clean directory structure. With all the necessary extensions.

With a contemporary design and optimized for all output devices.

And to be truly independent and have as much flexibility as possible, the training is done with the most used CMS system (WordPress, market share over 35% worldwide). Take advantage of the greatest possible variety. WordPress offers more than 100,000 (!) extensions.

For all your projects: Payment systems, store, email marketing, contact forms, portals, multisites, landing pages and much more.




Weekly class
90 minutes


With practical examples
Product priority

Study Objectives


At the end of the course – Website Creation – you will be able to


  • Quick and easy creation of productive websites or landing pages ✓
  • Integration of all necessary extensions (payment systems, contact forms, blog, etc.) ✓
  • Hosting/Hosting: Which hosting for the respective purpose, costs, administration, installation, hosting of the domain ✓
  • Creation and administration of the necessary e-mail accounts ✓
  • Data management and administration ✓
  • Optimization for SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Google Ranking) ✓
  • Multilingual ✓
  • Creation of web sales portals (Digital)✓
  • Integration of email marketing in operation ✓
  • Sell your knowledge and start your own business (sales pages, landing pages and organically growing websites are confirmed to have even more great growth potential) ✓

Who is the Website Creation course for?


The Website Creation course is very multifaceted, and is therefore intended for an unusually broad group:


  • Managers and directors who work in traditional sales and marketing and need innovative digital marketing tools to complete their overall strategy ✓
  • Marketing professionals, sales managers, sales engineers, etc. ✓
  • Students and freelancers who want to get partially or fully into this topic – new way of marketing ✓
Not the right topic for you or are you looking for another course?

Course Plan


The course topics are divided as follows, but will focus on our customer’s needs.

In total we cover 4 blocks:


1. Hosting/Hosting selection

Which hosting/hosting for which client
Know the differences in packages: cost, quality factors, etc.
Which details are important, which are less important
Tips and tricks for choosing domains
Which extension for which market, use a free tool to find the best domain for you or your customer.


2. CMS Installation and Administration

Domain activation
WordPress installation
Customization of the user interface
Installation of the necessary extensions
Which extensions are recommended
Installation of the necessary CMS tools and applications (payment, email marketing, blog, SEO, etc.)
Data backup and restoration


3. Website design

Selection of customer or business specific templates
Page structure
Which fonts, colors, photos
Customization of the design according to the business
Adding animations, motions and various layout options
Free editing and scaling – visual or code-dependent – according to your taste
Add photos, videos and texts (pdf documents, e-books)
Time-saving design with the help of templates with today’s most widely used editor worldwide
and much more


4. Professional extension of your website with the necessary tools


Extensions like: Payment System – Blog – Portal – Email-Marketing – Target Pages – SEO – Contact Form – Advertising, etc.

Selection of the necessary extensions
Evaluation of the extensions
Professional implementation of the extensions
Linking of the extensions with the corresponding modules.


Practical and theoretical training. Assistance in the creation of the first website.

If you are interested in getting your website found much better also in search engines, I especially recommend the course “SEO – Ranking of your website”.
Remember: If you book a second course you will always get a 20% discount.




Weekly class
90 minutes


With practical examples
Product priority



Alexander Traub

  • SEO Specialist
  • Programmer in html, css – experience of more than 20 years
  • CMS specialist : more than 50 different plugin integration modules (payment systems, course management, e-commerce, blog, E-mail-Marketing marketing, SEO analysis, e-book sales, video channels, digital products,…)
  • Experience in projects in a wide variety of fields : Real Estate, Construction, Digital Marketing, Wellness and Wellness products and consultancy, training, clubs, lawyers, restaurants, education, consulting, public transport,…
  • Many years of experience in projects in the field of digital marketing and sales | social media.
  • Completed studies in business administration (marketing) and programming in Germany

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