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One platform that gets a little lost in all the hype surrounding Instagram and the like is Pinterest. Unlike many other platforms, Pinterest’s potential has not yet begun to be tapped.

In other words, Pinterest is a gold mine. But how can we use Pinterest to boost our business?

In this course, I will show you step by step how you can give your business, website or online store a big boost with the help of proper Pinterest marketing and multiply the traffic to your site very quickly.

To do this, we’ll look at the Pinterest platform – what makes it stand out, what are its advantages, which audience can we target and which niches are worthwhile?

Then we will create a company account together, set up our own pin boards and create beautiful and professional pins even without prior graphic experience. This also involves optimizing the pins so that they get good Pinterest rankings and thus reach a lot of people right from the start.

Finally, it’s about when and how often to pin something specifically and how you can ensure maximum marketing success with the right step-by-step system.




Weekly class


Better Ranking
with Pinterest

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Study Objectives


At the end of the course – Pinterest Marketing – you will be able to.


  • Understand the Pinterest platform in detail ✓
  • Find the right target audience and develop marketing strategies ✓
  • Create and properly set up your own business account on Pinterest ✓
  • Quickly create your own beautiful and professional pins ✓
  • Understand and apply the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) ✓
  • Develop a system to automate your Pinterest marketing process ✓
  • Give your business a big traffic boost! ✓
  • Set up Pinterest ads and do them right ✓

Who is the Pinterest course for?


The Pinterest course is very multifaceted and is therefore intended for an unusually broad group:


  • Managers and directors who work in traditional sales and marketing and need innovative digital marketing tools to complete their overall strategy ✓
  • Marketing professionals, sales managers, sales engineers, etc. ✓
  • Students and freelancers who want to get partially or fully into this topic ✓
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who need and want to project their work on a digital level professionally ✓
  • Founders who want to make money with their products on the Internet ✓
  • Anyone who has wanted to know what the advantages of Pinterest are, how it works and how to create it ✓
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Course Plan


Pinterest has – depending on your business – in part a decisive advantage: nowhere is target dispersion more regulated, nowhere can you reach more with your fixed advertising budget and nowhere can you achieve faster growth than on this channel. Pinterst is – for me personally – a mix of search engine, sales platform and social network.

In total we cover 4 blocks:


1. Basic information about Pinterest

  • What is Pinterest?
  • Finding the right target group
  • Searching and finding the right niche within your spectrum


2. Practice

  • Create and verify a business account on Pinterest
  • Create and optimize bulletin boards
  • Create successful pins
  • Finding and using free fonts for our photos and designs
  • Worktime: Canva and Affinity Designer


3. SEO on Pinterest

  • Keyword Research – Find the best and most successful content
  • Correctly title and describe pins based on keywords
  • Activate and use rich pins


4. Successful marketing strategy for Pinterest

  • Learn when, how and how often to set the pin.
  • Workshop: Automation with the Tailwind tool
  • Using the traffic booster: group boards with Tailwind Tribe
  • Proper use and analysis with Pinterest Analytics
  • Success with ads: Setting up and using Pinterest ads correctly.




Weekly class


Better Ranking
with Pinterest

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Alexander Traub

  • SEO Specialist
  • Programmer in html, css – experience of more than 20 years
  • CMS specialist : more than 50 different plugin integration modules (payment systems, course management, e-commerce, blog, E-mail-Marketing marketing, SEO analysis, e-book sales, video channels, digital products,…)
  • Experience in projects in a wide variety of fields : Real Estate, Construction, Digital Marketing, Wellness and Wellness products and consultancy, training, clubs, lawyers, restaurants, education, consulting, public transport,…
  • Many years of experience in projects in the field of digital marketing and sales | social media.
  • Completed studies in business administration (marketing) and programming in Germany


More than 20 years of experience in web programming, CMS integration, SEO optimization, social media, digital sales.

Customers in North America, South America and Europe.


SEO professional:
More than 200 trainings and workshops per year


E-mail: info@seoperfil.com



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